Setting out the pathway to heat pumps

The Heat Pump Association (HPA) has issued a new document that calls for a strong partnership between industry and government to help transform Britain’s domestic heating market towards and encourage the shift a away from fossil fuel boilers in favour of heat pumps.

Placing the role of the heating installer at the heart of the transition, the HPA has also announced the launch of a new membership category for installers that will be offered at an affordable rate and help to ensure that the installer’s voice is represented in any future decision making.

‘Transforming Britain’s Heating – A Pathway to Heat Pumps’ sets out how the government could meet its declared target of 600,000 heat pumps being installed annually by 2028 and bring about the phase-out of new fossil fuel boilers by the mid 2030s. It identifies four ‘pillars’ for that will enable such a transition:

  • Creating a highly-skilled Heat Pump Installer Workforce
  • A long-term predictable policy framework for home heating
  • Market Development and Reform
  • Financing the transition

The document is draws attention to the substantial investment needed in UK manufacturing and training and presents proposals for how government can enable change. It highlights the need for further training courses, qualifications, support schemes, apprenticeships, and clear requirements to enable younger installers to become the workforce of the future and suggests that the setting out of clear expectations for existing heating engineers will motivate them to retrain and up-skill.

Speaking at the launch event held in Westminster on 14th June,  HPA Chair Phil Hurley said: “The next decade will see the biggest shake-up of the heating sector in living memory as the country’s homes become increasingly heated by heat pumps.

“The heat pump industry is fully ready to take on this challenge and be the prime mover for this change, with government providing the enabling policy change. Significant investments in UK manufacturing and installer training have already been made in response to some of the signals government has given so far. Further clarity of the policy framework will unlock the remaining investor confidence needed to finish the job.

“Today’s 130,000 heating installers and a new generation of apprentices will be front and centre of this transition. Our Pathway document sets out some of the ideas for how the industry/government partnership can work to support them in becoming part of the government’s 2030 target for 480,000 high-skilled jobs to power the Green Industrial Revolution.”

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