Simple shower installation solutions

Shower installations can present challenges for even the most experienced of installers. Tom Rastall, head of product management at Bristan, takes us through the most common shower installation challenges and how to solve them.

It’s always been our priority to make the lives of installers easier, so we lead every product innovation with a customer inspired approach. We created the On Tap Plumbers Group to provide a supportive community for installers and plumbers across the UK to share advice and tips, but it has also become a great insight tool for the product development team. We take the time to listen to the real concerns and challenges of plumbers, so we can create products that are consistently easy to choose, install and use.

In this article, we’ll take you through the challenges that crop up most with our On Tap members when it comes to shower installation, and the brilliantly simple solutions that can make the job a whole lot easier.

Many customers want more choice and flexibility when it comes to their bathroom design but replacing a shower can be a hassle – especially in a property with old pipework.

Bristan mini valves are a useful solution. The valves feature brilliantly engineered flexible elbows, so they can be installed onto any existing pipework and are able to replace any concentric mixer shower on the UK market that use ½ BSP threaded connections — no matter the brand or age of the shower. The elbows range from 110mm to 155mm, so no extra parts are required either. This also limits any changes to the tiling on existing pipework, saving time and money. They also work on all water pressures.

In addition, Bristan’s award-winning Wallmount 12 fixing kit features innovative built-in isolation, so replacing a bar shower to another in the Bristan range is a breeze. Every bar valve also uses 150mm centres, which means they can replace any existing bar valve installation.


If you want a satisfied customer, it’s important to ensure the shower head is at their desired height. However, it’s often difficult to match the existing holes in the tiles.

With many Bristan bar showers, we’ve included an adjustable slide bar that has the ability to match the existing holes in the tiles or cover any existing holes. Our soon-to-be-launched Buzz and Craze showers also feature adjustable telescopic risers to make alterations simple for you and the customer.



Avoiding damage to the shower
Limiting damage to the shower while you work can be a tough job, especially when navigating a small space. The Wallmount 12 fixing kit has been brilliantly designed with innovative built-in isolation, so the water supplies can be switched on even while you’re installing. This also means that the bar doesn’t need to be fitted until a later stage of the installation, so the bar shower won’t get in the way while you work, avoiding any scuffs to the shower itself. For extra protection, the Wallmount 12 is made with innovative rubber seals to reduce water ingress back into the cavity.

Maintenance issues
It’s an essential part of plumber life, but a variety of factors can make maintenance and servicing a challenging task. With those challenges in mind, we designed our Wallmount 12 to make maintenance brilliantly simple. The award-winning fixing kit features built-in isolation, allowing installers to isolate the water supply from the front of the wall for quick and easy maintenance. This innovative isolation feature also allows for easier off-the-wall servicing of the valve, which is ideal for smaller bathrooms with limited workspace.

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