Space heating and electricity solution

A new renewable energy solution available from Go Geothermal provides space heating and electricity generation from one system. By combining powerful PV solar panels with energy storage and warm air heating, the Solar Aerovoltaic system is claimed to save home- owners up to 50% on their heating bill, on top of the energy saving and tariff earning benefits normally associated with solar panels.

The Air-Volt Plus panels convert the sun’s rays into electricity in the same  way conventional photovoltaic panels do. In addition, air is captured and heated between the panel and a well-insulated backing sheet before being aspirated, filtered and circulated around the home.

Key to the system is the new Store-H solar battery (pictured above). Using PCM (Phase Change Materials), heat stored as hot air is blown into the home, effectively charging the battery and providing heating simultaneously. Thanks to the heating management system, this reserve of hot air can then be used even if the solar panels are no longer receiving energy from the sun (up to five hours after sunset).

For added user comfort and efficiency, the Air-Volt Plus system can be controlled remotely. Smart-Air is a smartphone, table and web application tool for managing and monitoring the performance of the system. Live data can be captured and displayed for a detailed analysis of the production of heat and electricity as well as the energy consumption of the home.

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