Spin to win £500 prize voucher

The search is on for a special, golden set of SPIN swaging tools, which will net one lucky engineer £500 in Amazon vouchers.

The customer who finds the gilded drill bits will be instantly rewarded with £500 in Amazon vouchers. All they need to do is call 01256 460300 and quote the unique code inside to claim the prize.

SPIN’s method enables engineers to save the time and labour associated with flaring and swaging. The drill bits have been designed so that they are the right dimensions for standard tubing to create the best flare or swage in seconds.

Barry Lea, Managing Director of Advanced Engineering, says:

We’re very excited about our new range of flaring and swaging tools. We believe they’ll change the way the way engineers work.

“Unlike traditional methods, the SPIN high-temperature method preserves the malleability of piping, to ensure it stays virtually leak and crack-free. It’s just a faster, easier way to work.

“While only one engineer can find the golden drill bits and claim the prize, every SPIN user will find they save time and money – so everybody wins.”


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