Spotlight on plumbers’ contributions

Today marks the eleventh annual World Plumbing Day, which is celebrated each year on 11 March to highlight the important contributions of the international plumbing community. 

Initiated by the World Plumbing Council (WPC), the annual event shines a spotlight on links between good quality plumbing, health, environmental sustainability and even economic prosperity.  

The CIPHE, which is a member of  WPC, points out that skilled plumbers are an essential link between modern plumbing and people’s health and wellbeing.  CEO of the CIPHE, Kevin Wellman, says: 

“Good plumbers really do protect the health and welfare of the nation, and it is high time that plumbing professionals got the recognition they deserve. 

 “We cannot ignore that each year many hundreds of people, often vulnerable, are affected by poorly designed, installed and maintained plumbing systems. At the CIPHE we are currently working in partnership with other leading industry bodies to help raise standards of education and raise concerns direct with Government on skills, compliance and safety issues. 

The APHC is urging installers to fly the flag for World Plumbing Day. John Thompson, APHC chief executive officer, comments: “March 11 is now a fixture in calendars around the world for plumbers. The key aim of World Plumbing Day is for people to promote the link between good plumbing with sanitation and health, which is none more so relevant with the current coronavirus outbreak which highlights the importance of being able to access clean water and hand washing facilities.  

“I hope that as an industry, we’ll get behind World Plumbing Day and help shine a light on the many highly qualified and proficient professionals that we have in our industry who help keep people of the UK healthy and safe.”

To get involved, plumbers can download and use free resources from

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