Stainless steel storage options

A new range of EcoSable stainless steel, gas-fired storage water heaters have been launched by Lochivar. Both models are fully condensing and have hot water recovery rates of 620 and 800 litres per hour, based on a temperature rise of 50ºC. They each have a storage capacity of 186 litres.

Key benefits include their ability to operate at temperatures up to 85°C and with water pressures of up to 8bar. They are 92% and 93% efficient and ‘A’ rated under the testing methodology used to assess compliance with the latest Energy-related Products regulations (ErP). Both use a low NOx, pre-mix modulating gas burner, which closely matches output to demand, and a submerged combustion chamber with spiral flue that keeps the water heater in continuous condensing mode during hot water demand periods.

For ease of operation, EcoSable comes with an LCD touchscreen display for user control of temperature settings and diagnostics.  They also have two removable doors located at the front of the water heater to provide easy access for maintenance of the gas burner and controls.

Sizing things up: The digital hot water sizing programme from Lochinvar – Select – has been upgraded with new features and products. The user-friendly programme covers 20 different building types and data is entered via a ‘virtual walkthrough’ process. Default settings are included where appropriate. Select helps designers of hot water systems calculate the most suitable products to meet peak demand periods and the volume of hot water needed for the building in question. The latest version of Select also includes larger installations, allowing the designer to choose up to six EcoKnight models. Access Select online:

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