Students big water wasters

UK students waste the equivalent of more than two baths of water a day, new research has revealed. The study of 18-24 year olds, commissioned by nationwide drainage specialist Lanes Group, found that those currently attending a university or college needlessly use an average of 180 litres of water a day.

Despite today’s students’ struggle to be seen as more environmentally conscious than previous generations, as well as scrimping to save money on utility bills, the results of the study reveal a different story about their water usage habits. The most significant wastage came from needlessly leaving taps running for an average of 15 minutes a day, wasting 90 litres per person, as well as spending nearly an hour and a half in the shower over a week.

 Meanwhile, unnecessary toilet flushes for items such as tissues or cotton buds waste 20 litres a day per person.

Commenting on the findings, Michelle Ringland, Head of Marketing at Lanes Group, says: “With more than three quarters of students living away from home, it seems that the freedom of living independently tends to negate environmental responsibility. As a partner with water suppliers throughout the UK, we know how much extra demand this wastage places on both the wastewater drainage and clean water supply systems. Even though many university halls of residence now include water-saving devices, this doesn’t challenge young people’s habits in privately rented accommodation.”

Lanes Group is currently working with students at the University of Salford to design solutions for the biggest issues in the wastewater industry, including the reduction of water consumption and making toilets more efficient.

Read more about this subject on the blog section of Lane’s website here.

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