Syphon does the dirty work for you

The latest product from PlumbPal is the Syphon Sucker, designed to accelerate the safe removal of contaminants in fluid from hot water cylinders, storage tanks and WC cisterns. Benefitting from new health and safety standards, the device provides a safer and cleaner way to deal with decommissioning this type of equipment.

The inventor of the Syphon Sucker says a plumber’s hosepipe is regularly exposed to the foulest of jobs and is a perfect host for a breeding ground. With the Syphon Sucker, plumbers will no longer need to put their mouths to what may be lurking inside.

With this device, there is no risk of air locks and it is said to be more reliable than drain-off cocks, where the washer may be jammed and separated from the spindle.

“It cannot be argued or ignored that within a hose pipe lurks stagnant water, chemicals and a variety of particles that a plumber may think twice if they really knew the dangers!” says the inventor. “Once a plumber’s hose pipe has been stored  in the back of a van, this is a perfect host for a breeding ground. Tiny Sspores of water lining the interior of the hosepipe will be subject to ambient temperature elevations on a warm day, resulting in pathogens (legionella bacteria) forming to alarming levels.

“Many plumbers will also confess putting the end of their hose pipe down a customer’s toilet or a dirty open gully drain for convenience! Extensive research has also proven many other specimens happily reside within a plumbers hose pipe, such as a variety of insects, noxious chemicals, and microbial slime.

“Syphon sucker accelerates the removal of contaminated fluids, overcomes the health and safety risks associated with de commission WC”s , cylinders, tanks and stagnant fluid within hose pipes likely to be orally consumed on the next job!”

PlumbPal is the sole distributor for this product.


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