Thermal imager finds moisture

Combining a built-in thermal imager with moisture hygrometer, the MR277  from Flir is a multi-spectral dynamic imaging device that helps users quickly troubleshoot moisture issues 

This building inspection system features a moisture meter with infrared guided measurement (IGM) to offer multi-spectral dynamic imaging (MSX) technology. As an all-in-one thermal-enabled moisture meter with hygrometer, users will gain a full understanding of problem areas by enhancing IGM thermal images with visual details so they can quickly find moisture, air leaks and insulation voids.

The MR277 includes an MR02 removeable pin probe in addition to the built-in pinless sensor. The MR13 moisture hygrometer is also included – this humidity and temperature sensor measures relative humidity and is field-replaceable, thereby minimising downtime on the job.

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