Three reasons to show the card

The British public is not in the habit of checking that their installer has a valid Gas Safe card before letting them in the door. So if they are not checking, should installers bother showing? Richard Harvey, Category Director Heating and Renewables from Wolseley, says yes ands gives his top three reasons installers should be shouting about gas safety:

32% of consumers are often put off hiring a tradesperson as they fear they may be hiring a rookie

With the rise of rogue traders and counterfeit parts, the reputation of tradespeople and the industry in which they work is being damaged. This is particularly alarming when we take a look at gas. In the right hands and when handled correctly, gas can be perfectly safe, but when left in the hands of someone who is unqualified, the effects can be catastrophic – in some cases leading to death.

Showing your Gas Safe card helps to instill trust in homeowners so that they know you are able to do your job in the safest way.

There are around 67,000 gas emergency call-outs to homes in the UK in a year, including leaks, fires, explosions, and deadly carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning alone kills around 50 people in the UK every year. The elderly are most at risk – in 2017, 20 incidents were reported, including five fatalities. There’s still a huge job to do in educating the general public about why they should get their gas appliances safely and regularly checked by a gas safe registered engineer – this is where you come in. Education, education, education.

Gas safe installers should be proud of the work they do

After all, you’re the ones who have had the relevant training and experience to know how to spot the risks. Gas safety is not a choice and through the work you do, you keep the nation safe and warm.

Advise your customers of the potential risks, whether this is how to spot failing appliances or spotting the symptoms of CO poisoning – be sure to let your customers know.

Thousands of installers, companies and organisations are getting involved in Gas Safety week (17th – 23rd  September 2018) to inform people across the UK about the importance of gas safety and the risks of not getting their gas appliances serviced every year.

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