Top 10 locations for best earning potential

A new study from alldayPA, the on-demand call answering service, has identified the top 10 cities for plumbers and electricians to find work and earn more.

As Britons look to renovate and fix up their homes, Google search volumes show a huge 138,700 people per month searching for plumbers and electricians to repair and renovate their homes. Over 50,000 of these searches came from people located in the capital, suggesting London is the best place to work as a plumber or electrician due to the city’s number of call out opportunities.

London was revealed to be the number one city for tradespeople to work across the UK. In second place was Birmingham (20,350 searches per month), followed by Glasgow, with (15,400 searches per month), Bristol (14,050 searches per month) and Edinburgh (13,600 searches per month). The data experts found that these locations give tradespeople the opportunity to earn well over an average salary each year.

Through these findings, alldayPA has pinpointed which locations plumbers and electricians would benefit from relocating to if they want to expand their business or want to increase their salaries. The average UK tradesperson could earn an average annual salary of between £27,572 and £40,671, simply based on their location.

Average salary of Plumbers & Electricians by city:

Plumber: £36,504
Electrician: £40,671

Plumber: £30,609
Electrician: £33,555

Plumber: £33,995
Electrician: £35,132

Plumber: £31,007
Electrician: £34,732

Plumber: £35,360
Electrician: £33,580

Plumber: £29,827
Electrician: £31,430

Plumber: £33,753
Electrician: £27,572

Plumber: £31,337
Electrician: £31,338

Plumber: £30,520
Electrician: £32,960

Plumber: £33,744
Electrician: £30,984

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