Total Lockout – Tagout solution

Safe electrical isolation for gas engineers has never been more important. Engineers now have to declare they are competent in safe isolation when going through ACS assessment.

Locking off the means of electrical isolation to prevent accidental energising of the appliance is an integral part of the safe isolation process. Regardless of how the appliance is electrically isolated the Socket & See Lock Kit offers a Lockout -Tagout (LOTO) solution.

The kit contains three compact and robust combination locks for MCBs, plug tops and fused spurs.

The high visibility locks come with reusable prohibition tags that leave people in no doubt that the appliance is not to be energised.

The combination lock means there are no keys to misplace and potentially lose.

The fuse lock fits all fused spurs without having to unscrew the face plate. This saves time, avoids damaging decorative face plates and ensures the installation wiring remains undisturbed.

MCB lock fists all standard MCBs, RCBOs and main switches. Plug lock fits all BS1363 Plugs. The locks are also available individually and are covered by a two year guarantee.

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