Tough tools give professionals a better grip

Extending its range of quality pliers and hand tools, Knipex has introduced a number of new products to ensure that professional users have access to a solution that will suit every job.  These include the new 300mm Knipex pliers wrench (pictured right) which rounds off the company’s existing range of 125, 150, 180, 250 and 400mm tools.

The latest addition to the family is 300mm long and offers grip up to a width across flats of 68mm. It features a practical laser-cut scale to enable the user to set the pliers wrench to the required width, with metric measurements above the toothed setting grid on the front, and imperial on the rear of the pliers head. The gripping jaws can be adjusted quickly and conveniently at the push of a button. 

Thanks to smooth, parallel jaws, screw connections with sensitive surfaces can also be fixed gently into place  without causing any damage. In addition, the pliers wrench does not have to be removed when loosening or tightening screws – the stroke between the gripping jaws allows it to screw with the ratchet principle. For especially sensitive surfaces or designer fittings, plastic jaw covers are also available as accessories for the 180, 250, and 300mm variants. The protective jaws are easily attached by hand and snap into place to suit the geometry of the pliers’ jaws so that they do not slip during work.

Also new is the Knipex Cobra XS – said to be the smallest high-tech water pump pliers in the world. At just 1oomm long, the self-locking pliers are said to be ideal for tight spaces and can grip nuts up to 24mm in width across flats and other workpieces up to 28mm. The gripping surface has specially hardened teeth, while a ribbed, non-slip handle ensures that they are easy to use, and a pinch guard protects against injury.

Cutting edge
Another highlight of the new tools is the Knipex TibiX pipe cutter (pictured left) – designed to cut copper, brass and stainless steel pipes up to 35mm in diameter. With a spring-loaded cutting wheel and easy adjustment which locks the pipe into place, tasks can be completed using just one hand. After the pipe has been cut, an integrated, retractable deburring tool can be used to smooth the cut surface.

The pipe is cut by turning the tool, and the clearance between the cutting edge and the pipe can be freely adjusted with the ergonomic feeding barrel. 

The cutting wheel on the TubiX is made of quality ball-bearing steel while the metal housing is light and durable magnesium. The spring-loaded cutting wheel can be easily exchanged, a spare wheel is also located in the feeding barrel. 

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