UFH system completes the package

With the aim of offering a complete package of heating solutions to installers, Grant UK has launched its first range of underfloor heating. Suitable for both new build and retrofit applications, the new UFH systems come with all pipework and components.

Designed to partner effectively with renewable technologies, Grant’s under-floor heating complements and works alongside the company’s existing product ranges which include biomass boilers and air source heat pumps.

Two wet underfloor heating ranges are available – Uflex and Uflex MINI. Both systems use the same manifold, evenly distributing heat and maintaining optimum room temperatures.

The Uflex system is embedded within the floor construction and is ideally suited for new builds and extensions, while the Uflex MINI system can be installed over an existing floor.

The Uflex MINI system has a low profile – just 15mm in finished floor height – so avoiding any need to make significant changes to a room’s infrastructure. A self-levelling screed can be laid over the Uflex MINI system, which dries in three days, after which the heat source can be introduced. Furthermore, this system does not require overboarding, which makes for a simpler installation as the final floor finish can be laid directly on top of the dry screed.

Grant UK can also provide design assistance including outline system designs through to full drawings.


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