Updated flue solution for high-rises

Following recent changes to Building Regulations, Ideal Boilers confirms that it has developed a new compliant boiler flue system for high-rise buildings.

The manufacturer says while all of its products have always been fully compliant with European regulations and entirely safe, a consequence of the introduction of The Building (Amendment) Regulations SI 2018/1230 in December 2018 was that all gas boiler flue systems available on the market were no longer deemed to be compliant for high-rise buildings.

This was because all flue systems comprised an internal polypropylene plastic inner flue duct, which was deemed to be a combustible material under the new regulations – despite its fire-proof high temperature painted steel casing.

In several instances senior fire officers have determined that it is acceptable to use pre-existing Ideal Boilers flues with polypropylene inner ducts for high rise buildings, under the clause 8 opt out for public buildings.

Ideal Boilers is able to supply a flue which complies with the revised regulations for use with all Ideal Logic and Vogue boilers. It is particularly suitable for the Logic Combi C, ESP1 and Code Combi which are often used in high rise buildings.

The newly-developed flue solution uses an inner aluminium flue duct rather than the previous polypropylene plastic version, which has been already classified as an A1 material and is therefore compliant with the revised legislation covering materials allowed as part of the makeup of external walls.

Dr Elaine Lancaster, chief technical officer at Ideal Boilers, says: “We are fully supportive of the government’s efforts to improve the safety of high rise buildings.

“The unintended impact of the new building regulations has been effectively to prohibit the installation or replacement of gas boilers in all buildings over six storeys or 18m – although exceptions can be made by local authorities on a case by case basis.  As we enter the colder months of the year this could be particularly concerning for housing providers and occupiers.

“With this new flue, we have ensured that there is now a solution available which complies with the amended Building Regulations, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to excellence and ensuring that people remain warm and comfortable throughout the winter.”

When fitted to an Ideal boiler, the new flue designed for high-rise buildings delivers exactly the same performance as the standard horizontal flue 208171. The maximum flue lengths are unaffected.

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