Updated guide to frozen condensate pipes

A new updated installer guide to condensate discharge pipe installation has been issued by the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC), following a warning from the Met Office of an enhanced risk of snow and widespread frost almost anywhere across the UK.

HHIC is also reissuing its information booklet for householders, which can be used by the engineer to explain the risks and the remedial action required for installations which are at risk, and also what action customers can take should their condensate pipe freeze.

HHIC director Stewart Clements comments: “In extreme weather conditions, external pipework carrying water is at risk of freezing, particularly when there is a high wind chill factor. As a result, we have updated current industry guidance which assists engineers with both installation and assessment of current condensate discharge pipes, which they can and should review during any visit to the appliance such as a service or repair.

“We are acutely aware that there are a significant proportion of installations that are not installed to current standards and manufacturer’s instructions. For example, the opportunity to connect to internal drain points such as a soil stack or sink waste has not been taken. Condensate discharge pipes should be connected to an internal ‘gravity discharge point’. Where this is not possible, the HHIC guide details what action should be taken- such as external pipe insulation.

“In addition to this guidance all other technical requirements for condensate discharge installation given in the first instance the appliance manufacturers’ installation instructions or, if referred to by the appliance manufacturers, British Standard BS 6798:2014, should still be followed.”

The HHIC urges engineers to:

(1) Familiarise themselves with both the engineer and consumer guide.

(2) Ensure that all new boiler installations conform to the appliance manufacturers’ installation instructions, and BS 6798 where appropriate with the free to download HHIC guidance providing a useful summary of generally agreed industry best practice.

(3) Ensure that any remedial or servicing work includes a condensate discharge pipe ‘check’. With any remedial action required explained to homeowners who have a ‘not to current standards or manufacturers instructions’ installation.

You can find the Installer guide here

And Consumer guide here.

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