Upgraded range of MVHR units

Indoor climate solutions specialist, Zehnder Group UK, is re-launching the Greenwood Vireo MVHR unit as the Zehnder ComfoAir in a move to bring all MVHR products under the Zehnder brand. The newly launched ComfoAir features a number of improvements and upgrades, such as quieter running levels, optional third speed and spare parts available on request.

The range is now available in four variants, three of which replace former Vireo models. The fourth variant, the ComfoAir 155 WMe, is a brand new model featuring a high flow heat exchanger for enhanced performance.

The new units have a number of hardware changes, including new motors, a new flying lead and a new PCB. Software changes include an optional third speed.

Rupert Kazlauciunas, technical product manager, ventilation products and systems, says: “We know that unit performance, ease of installation and manageable unit size, all rank highly when choosing and fitting MVHR.  The new ComfoAir models deliver improvements in each of these areas, whilst also offering end users a quieter experience.”


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