Community rallies round plumber after van fire

A devastating fire has left an engineer from JR Heating and Plumbing Solutions at a complete loss after the flames destroyed thousands of pounds worth of tools inside.

The story was reported in Bucks Free Press after a GoFundMe page was set up to help plumber Thomas get back on his feet.

The fire occurred on 20 July in Aylesbury, completely destroying the van and all its contents. Although the cause of the fire is unknown, Thomas was quick to call the fire brigade and police, helping to prevent the flames from spreading to nearby properties.

According to JR Heating & Plumbing’s Facebook page, a good Samaritan helped Thomas until the emergency services arrived on the scene.

A number of people have posted their support on Facebook, with City Plumbing Supplies Oxford coming forward to offer some replacement tools to Thomas. Another follower got in touch with Peter Booth, better know as PB Plumber on Twitter, who reportedly said he’d offer Thomas a new servicing bag for free.

The JR Plumbing & Heating Solutions Ltd Facebook post reads:

“We would like to thank everybody who helped from the bottom of our hearts, we feel extremely humble that people would act so courageous to help our engineer.

“Thomas is an extremely professional engineer who took so much pride in his tools and spent a lot of his own wages on having the best tools to enable him to carry out his work to his best. Our heart breaks for his loss, however these are only tools and possessions and can be replaced in time. However we should never underestimate the financial impact these tragedies have on individuals and small businesses.

“The JR team are a strong family company and this experience has shaken us all for sure but we wake up this morning extremely grateful that Thomas and all others involved are safe and well.”

The GoFundMe page was set up by Stephen Pospisil of Leighton Buzzard based SMP Gas & Heating Ltd. As of this posting, £885 has been raised towards a £2500 goal.

To lend your support to Thomas, give here:

Picture source: GoFundMe page

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