Video guide to copper press fitting solutions

Conex Bänninger has created an installation video guide for its >B< Press copper press fittings solution.

It takes the viewer through the features and benefits of this flame-free press jointing method, as well as providing a step-by-step introduction to the correct installation process, along with guidance on the press tools and jaw sets to use.

The video also highlights the engineering and design within the product range. This includes the leak-before-press indicator, which features patented O-ring technology that allows water to pass through and create a noticeable leak path in unpressed joints when tested at pressures from 0.1 bar up to 6 bar.

The step-by-step installation animation highlights key points such as deburring the copper tube correctly, inside and out, and discarding any tube that has scratches or scores on it where a connection is to be made.

View the video by clicking below.

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