Videos offer troubleshooting tips for showers

Triton Showers has produced a series of informative videos that can be accessed online to help those who may require advice on common site or product issues.

The shower brand has published six useful troubleshooting clips covering a variety of topics. This series addresses some of the most frequently asked questions that the customer service team receives. This includes a range of enquiries, from changing the pressure relief device to ensuring the temperature dial is accurate.

Although these might sound like complex tasks, they are simple enough for tradespeople to do when provided with a quick refresher on the topic.

Martyn Brown, regional service manager at Triton, goes through each step as well as using visual examples to show viewers the process and tools to use. This can reassure those on site needing easy access to help.

Martyn Brown comments: “We have created these materials to support plumbers during these difficult times. For those who cannot brush up on their knowledge in person, this information will hopefully enable them to solve any queries they have.

“As a manufacturer we are doing all that we can to look after the health and safety of our staff and customers as this is our top priority right now.”

Click here for access to all six videos, or start with this one below:

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