Virtual house demonstrates renewable heating

A new virtual house featuring a range of Grant renewable heating technologies has been added to the company’s online Knowledge Hub. Visitors will be able to step inside this virtual reality to see how a Grant heat pump, cylinder, radiators and underfloor heating system can be integrated to work together within the home.

A virtual house has been developed to allow homeowners to immerse themselves within a real home environment to see how renewable heating technologies work together. Showcasing a selection of Grant products, this virtual house aims to help homeowners on their own journey to net zero by demonstrating how seamlessly renewable technologies can integrate into their home.

Upon entering the house, visitors can walk over the Uflex underfloor heating system in the hallway. Walking into the kitchen and heading towards the rear of the property, a Grant Wave cylinder can be found providing the property’s hot water storage. Stepping out into the garden and to the right of the backdoor, a Grant Aerona³ R32 air source heat pump is sited neatly beside the property and efficiently operating at the heart of the renewable system in this home. Throughout the rest of the property, Afinia aluminium radiators have been fitted which effectively emit the heat into the rooms.

Visitors can click the large circles located throughout the property to move from room to room and to head outdoors. To read more about each product, users simply need to select the red hotspots which will then open helpful tool-tip boxes about the relevant range. Whether homeowners want to see Grant products in a home environment or whether they want to find out more about specific ranges, the Grant Virtual House strives to help make the move to sustainable renewable heating a reality for customers.

The Knowledge Hub, launched earlier this summer, is an area of zones which are dedicated to homeowners who want to research renewable technologies, helping them to make informed decisions about the sustainable future of their own heating systems. The virtual house is an additional resource which supports the other content already available on the Hub, including the Tips and Advice and Education Area zones.

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