Why installers should make the most of industry events

There’s no denying that installers often have a busy schedule, but with new technology constantly driving the industry forward, it’s important that installers remain aware of the latest innovations and available opportunities to ensure they future-proof their business. Liam Gibson, head of marketing at Plumbase, explains the importance of industry events as a way of keeping up to date.

Liam Gibson, head of marketing

Stay on top of your game

The plumbing industry certainly isn’t short of industry events, and there always seems to be something going on for installers throughout the country.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for attending events is to learn about the latest product innovations from within the industry. Manufacturers will often host product launches on stand, showcasing the latest features and benefits of their range, while also providing demonstrations, enabling installers to get a flavour of the newest technology entering the market.

But it’s not always about products. Attending talks or seminars may bring to light new techniques, equipment or services that make the installer’s life that little bit easier. There may also be updates on legislation or regulations and it helps to be aware of any changes that could potentially affect the installer’s everyday work.

There’s also the opportunity to talk one-to-one with presenters or industry experts and ask any burning questions.

Fun-filled networking

There’s something to be said about catching up with like-minded professionals, whether it’s at a national exhibition or local event with a beer in hand. Installers are out in the field day to day and can therefore share real-life experience, offering hints and tips on how to overcome common issues.

Not only can installers continue to strengthen their knowledge and learn about any industry updates, but they can also bolster their own brand, spreading their name far and wide to other professionals. Interacting with people face-to-face

also builds connections and presents opportunities that an installer may not have realised was there.

The road to success

Events come in all shapes and sizes and manufacturers, suppliers and merchants often invite installers along for a day or evening that involves both learning and fun.

One such example is Plumbase’s series of Super8 events which ran throughout September and was held at some of the country’s most iconic sports stadiums.

Installers had the opportunity to hear about the latest in supplier innovation, go on a 45-minute stadium tour and put questions to a local sporting legend, with locations including the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Villa Park, Twickenham Stadium, Ashton Gate, Murrayfield Stadium and St James’ Park. It’s an installer’s dream come true!

To find out more about Super8, visit https://plumbase-blog.co.uk/the-super-8-events/events/

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