Local services offered on Amazon and eBay

Amazon and eBay are now offering tradespeople a way to help local service organisations reach new customers and grow their businesses. The e-commerce giants have each launched their own platform that allows people to find local plumbers, handymen, electricians, etc., giving them direct route to local services.

The Home Services offering from Amazon and Local Services Ads from eBay will complement the products sold on their websites by showing consumers the services that could be used to support installation and set-up of their purchases, such as washing machines and kitchen taps.

The service providers are described as ‘handpicked tradespeople’ by Amazon, and they will give customers upfront pricing and ratings and reviews from verified customers.

Amazon will also offer a ‘Happiness Guarantee’ that ensures if a customer is not satisfied with the completed work, it will coordinate between the customer and the service provider to ensure the job gets done to the right standard, or issue a refund.

Scott Webster, General Manager of Amazon Home Services Europe, comments:

We’re thrilled to be expanding Amazon Home Services to the UK as a simple way to book trusted, service professionals.

“Following our successful launch in the US, customers have told us they love the convenience and peace of mind that comes with trusted, professional installation of their products. We’re delighted to be able to offer this same experience to UK customers through a network of handpicked, local tradespeople and service providers.”

The new service will be available across Greater London, Birmingham and Manchester with tradespeople including handymen, electricians, plumbers and home cinema specialists. New cities and services will be added over time.

Not to be outdone by Amazon, eBay Advertising has soft-launched ‘eBay Local Services Ads’, which also lets businesses use the platform for their own ads and offer services to relevant eBay customers in their area. . It is initially being piloted in the UK, with Germany also trialling it this month.

Businesses such as plumbers, hairdressers, DJs and cleaners will be able to use the platform to serve their own ads and offer their services to relevant eBay customers in their area.

Businesses will be able to expand their reach and target customers using eBay’s data and insights on customer search and purchase behaviour. They will also able to engage shoppers earlier in the shopper journey – putting their business in front of people who might not currently be searching for that service, but could be interested in the near future.

This complements eBay’s existing offerings by showing users ads for services that are relevant to the products they’re viewing. It will give them easy access to the services they’re likely to need, and in turn help to convert more sales for its sellers. For instance, if an eBay user is searching for a fridge, they could be shown an ad for the services of a local plumber, breaking down a barrier – in this case, installation – to making the purchase .

Bert Bassett at eBay, who has headed the project, comments:

eBay wants to become a marketplace for services as well as products – and we think that this is a great place to start. Our Local Services Ads will particularly help small service-based businesses to use our inventory to target local, relevant customers. And crucially, we’re helping them reach users when they’re already in a buying mood, and when we know they’re in the market for a particular service, to deliver maximum ROI.”

Businesses will be able to use eBay Local Services Ads by signing up for an account on the ebaylocalservices.com website. They will be able to:

o  Upload their own ads to the self-serve platform, or use a format supplied by eBay 
o  Choose who to target based on location and demographics
o  Segment their audience by product category and searched key words on the website  
o  Choose where the ad appears on eBay’s website

Customers will have access to FAQs, tutorial videos, and contact support services.

eBay Advertising is currently offering a £50 discount on first-time orders over £70. Businesses can access the discount by using the promo code ‘JUNE50’, valid until 20th June 2018.


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