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This month we are giving three people a case of Hi-Kleen’s surface sanitiser spray. There are 12 x 500ml canisters to a box.

Hi-Kleen is a new ultra-effective surface sanitiser from Hi-line Industries Ltd, specially formulated to kill and inhibit both bacteria and viruses (including enveloped viruses such as coronavirus) on hard or soft surfaces subject to frequent contact. Spraying a single coating of Hi-Kleen on to surfaces such as doors, handles, handrails, chairs and desks will not only kill coronavirus, it will provide protection against further contamination for up to five hours.

Composed of organic, non-chlorinated solvents, Hi-Kleen comes in both 500ml aerosols and disposable 17kg canisters (with spray gun). The latter is ideal for those looking to sanitise entire rooms, providing typical coverage of 750 square metres.

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