LOCTITE 5400 thread sealant is part of Henkel’s Health and Safety range. This general-purpose metal pipe sealant is hazard-label free, WRAS-approved for use with potable water up to 85°C and suitable for when the joint needs to be sealed and locked against vibrational self-loosening.

This single component product relies on the absence of air and contact with metal to make it cure. When applied to a taper parallel thread and wrenched tight, the adhesive provides an instant seal. So, if needed, the system can be pressurised straight away. It also protects the mated threaded areas against corrosion and the seal can be released at any time using compliant practices.

Application is simple and quick. Having ensured all surfaces are clean, apply a 360°bead of LOCTITE 5400 to the leading threads of the male fitting, leaving the first thread free and thoroughly filling all voids. For bigger threads and voids, apply a bead of product to the female threads also. Assembly and wrench tight, job done.

LOCTITE 5400 covers the lion’s share of applications and provides excellent chemical and thermal resistance. In addition to sealing threaded fittings, LOCTITE 5400 is ideal for sealing olives.

For more information go to: www.henkel-adhesives.co.uk

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